Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Inquiry question: What is light?

● Investigate Maxwell’s contribution to the classical theory of electromagnetism, including:
– Unification of electricity and magnetism
– Prediction of electromagnetic waves
– Prediction of velocity (ACSPH113)

● Describe the production and propagation of electromagnetic waves and relate these processes qualitatively to the predictions made by Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory (ACSPH112, ACSPH113)

● Conduct investigations of historical and contemporary methods used to determine the speed of light and its current relationship to the measurement of time and distance (ACSPH082)

● Conduct an investigation to examine a variety of spectra produced by discharge tubes, reflected sunlight or incandescent filaments

● Investigate how spectroscopy can be used to provide information about:
– the identification of elements

● Investigate how the spectra of stars can provide information on:
– Surface temperature
– Rotational and translational velocity
– Density
– Chemical composition

Extract from Physics Stage 6 Syllabus © 2017 NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)