Light: Wave Model

Light: Wave Model

Inquiry question: What evidence supports the classical wave model of light and what predictions can be made using this model?

● Conduct investigations to analyse qualitatively the diffraction of light (ACSPH048, ACSPH076)

● Conduct investigations to analyse quantitatively the interference of light using double slit apparatus and diffraction gratings ?sin? = ?? (ACSPH116, ACSPH117, ACSPH140)

● Analyse the experimental evidence that supported the models of light that were proposed by Newton and Huygens (ACSPH050, ACSPH118, ACSPH123)

● Conduct investigations quantitatively using the relationship of Malus’ Law ? = ?max???2? for plane polarisation of light, to evaluate the significance of polarisation in developing a model for light (ACSPH050, ACSPH076, ACSPH120)

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