A Growing and Ageing Population

A Growing and Ageing Population

  • Healthy ageing
  • Increased population living with chronic disease and disability
  • Demand for health services and workforce shortages
  • Availability of carers and volunteers.

Healthy Ageing

  • Optimizations to promote physical, social and mental health for ensuring a high quality of life while ageing.
  • Some activities that promote healthy ageing include:
    • Physical exercise and mental stimulation
    • Regular social interactions
    • Regular check-ups for prevention of diseases
  • Home and community care (HACC) and community aged care packages are provided for the elderly population
  • Examples include: meals on wheels, ramps, free community buses, senior cards, elevators, senior discounts, food delivery, game nights (bingo, bridge), RSL clubs, Salvation Army

Increased Population Living With Chronic Disease and Disability

  • Chronic conditions were estimated to be prevalent in 70% Australians according to a survey in 2004-2005.
  • Common health issues included vision and hearing impairment, back pain, arthritis
  • Comorbidities can impose burden on medical bills
  • Initiatives are being taken by the government to offer health and benefits packages promoting prevention and early intervention of a disease

Demand for Health Services and Workforce Shortages

  • Health service demands has risen since the last 25 years
  • People aged 55 and more are the highest consumers of medical service and healthcare
  • As the burden of consumers is increasing, deficit in man power is becoming prominent
  • Australian government has a mobile Rapid Response Team with qualified nurses and aged care experts which is responsible for helping older Australians. However, these organizations need to be funded more in order to encourage more people to join as caregivers

Availability of Carers and Volunteers

  • Older Australians prefer living in care homes where they can be under the supervision of primary carers, who help them with everyday tasks
  • Because of an increased inclination towards care homes, the homes are seeing deficit in workforce as compared to the number of people living there
  • By encouraging volunteers, governments and charity organizations are able to provide a valuable support service that has minimal financial impact on the health budget