How does training affect performance?

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Students learn about:

Students learn to:

  • analyse each energy system by exploring:
    • source of fuel
    • efficiency of ATP production
    • duration that the system can operate
    • cause of fatigue
    • by-products of energy production
    • process and rate of recovery
  • assess the relevance of the types of training and training methods for a variety of sports by asking questions such as:
    • which types of training are best suited to different sports?
    • which training method(s) would be most appropriate? Why?
    • how would this training affect performance?
  • analyse how the principles of training can be applied to both aerobic and resistance training
  • examine the relationship between the principles of training, physiological adaptations and improved performance

Extract from PDHPE Stage 6 Syllabus. © 2009 Board of Studies NSW.