Adult and Aged Athletes

Adult And Aged Athletes

  • Heart conditions
  • Fractures/bone density
  • Flexibility/joint mobility

Heart Conditions

  • The cardiovascular system gradually becomes fragile with age.
  • When the cardiovascular system weakens, oxygen supply is depleted as well. This results in faster fatigue and slower recovery phase during exercise.
  • As athletes grow older, their training routines are devoid of high intensity exercises (doesn’t exceed 80% MHR).
  • Some activities do not stress the cardiovascular system. Some of them include: walking, cycling, golfing, yoga, swimming.

Fractures/Bone Density

  • Bone density often becomes less with age (osteoporosis), bones become brittle, fragile and more prone to fracture.
  • Athletes with depleted calcium levels experience more stress fractures.
  • For improvisation, training routines should include light resistance training and walking. Gardening can also help increase bone density.

Flexibility/Joint Mobility

  • Bones, tendons and muscles lose elasticity with age causing decreased levels of flexibility.
  • When flexibility decreases, muscles and joints become stiff, making movements difficult.
  • For full range movement even after aging, gentle and slow stretching is important. For older athletes, this stretching routine helps in mobilisation and avoiding injuries from stress.
  • Some activities include: tai chi, yoga, pilates.