Summaries: Concise and clear summaries of each text to provide you with a solid understanding of the storyline, setting, and key events. These summaries serve as a perfect refresher before exams or as a quick catch-up tool if you’ve missed out on any details in class.


Crafted by a former Head of English, our comprehensive study guides for Year 12 HSC English texts cater to the precise needs of students gearing up for the biggest year of their lives. Our guides are meticulously designed to cover all the key aspects your teacher expects you to know.

What You’ll Get In Each Guide:


Character Analysis: In-depth exploration of major and minor characters, exploring their development, motivations, and roles in the narrative.

Themes: Detailed analysis of central themes, offering you a thorough insight into the underlying messages and ideas. Themes are broken down to ensure you can discuss them confidently in essays and exams.

Setting: A look at the importance of setting in each text, examining how it influences the characters and themes.

Symbols: An exploration of key symbols and their implications, providing insights into the more subtle aspects of the texts that are often pivotal for higher-order analysis.

Structure: Analysis of the structural elements of the text, including narrative style, pacing, and plot construction.