Light: Quantum Model

Light: Quantum Model

Inquiry question: What evidence supports the particle model of light and what are the implications of this evidence for the development of the quantum model of light?

● Analyse the experimental evidence gathered about black body radiation, including Wien’s Law related to Planck’s contribution to a changed model of light (ACSPH137)
– ?max = b/T

● Investigate the evidence from photoelectric effect investigations that demonstrated inconsistency with the wave model for light (ACSPH087, ACSPH123, ACSPH137)

● Analyse the photoelectric effect ?max = ℎ? − ? as it occurs in metallic elements by applying the law of conservation of energy and the photon model of light, (ACSPH119)

Extract from Physics Stage 6 Syllabus © 2017 NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)