Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention: Situational And Social

Situational Crime Prevention

Aim: to make the situation where the crime occurs more risky and difficult or less rewarding to the offender- preventing crime from happening. Examples include:

–          Lock on car, windows, grills, shutters

–          Engraving property

–          CCTV cameras, police body cams

–          Lockouts in the CBD/Kings Cross

–          Police patrols, lights, signs, etc.

However: moves people to a different place or different person to commit the crime

Therefore: social crime prevention fixes the problem

Situational crime prevention refers to creating situations where it is difficult to break the criminal law

– Good security system and locks can discourage thieves

– An efficient and effective police force and judicial system will discourage crime due to the fear of being caught

– Technology such as security cameras and computer encryption software deters people from commiting crime

Social Crime Prevention

Aim: to target potential offenders and identify socio-economic factors that could lead to criminal behaviour- e.g: poor parenting, low income family, uneducated, truancy, early contact with police, association to criminals and criminal behaviour

–          Key is intervention programs/workshops

–          Examples of social crime prevention:

–          Youth on track program, parent responsibility contracts, parenting programs, youth drug and alcohol programs, anger management and traffic courses→ involves education

–          Issue: cost of programs

Social crime prevention occurs through changing the social factors which cause people to be criminals

– Education about why laws are established, how they function and why certain acts are illegal is one of the best

crime prevention techniques and usually begins in early childhood and continues through life

– Providing employment or an adequate income through social security system may also prevent crime because

people with sufficient income can obtain what they need and want without resorting to crime.


Extract from Legal Studies Stage 6 Syllabus. © 2009 Board of Studies NSW.