How are priority issues for Australia’s health identified?

How Are Priority Issues For Australia’s Health Identified?

Students learn about:

Students learn to:

  • Critique the use of epidemiology to describe health status by considering questions such as:
    • What can epidemiology tell us?
    • Who uses these measures?
    • Do they measure everything about health status?
  • Use tables and graphs from health reports to analyze current trends in
    life expectancy and major causes of morbidity and mortality for the
    general population and comparing males and females
  • Argue the case for why decisions are made about health priorities by considering questions such as:
    • How do we identify priority issues for Australia’s health?
    • What role do the principles of social justice play?
    • Why is it important to priorities?

Extract from PDHPE Stage 6 Syllabus. © 2009 Board of Studies NSW.