Developmental Aspects That Affect the Health of Young People

Developmental Aspects That Affect the Health of Young People

  • Revising roles within relationships
  • Clarifying self-identity and self-worth
  • Developing self-sufficiency and autonomy
  • Establishing education, training and employment pathways
  • Establishing personal support structures
  • Determining behavioural boundaries

Revising Roles Within Relationships

  • A nurturing and healthy relationship should exist between the members of a family. Conflicts may arise but they can be resolved in socially acceptable ways other than violence.
  • Often in families where the parents have separated, children may feel the absence of either parent. Proper care should be taken so that the effect is as minimum as possible.
  • When sharing responsibilities within the family, everyone should receive equal amounts of work. Often, some adolescents feel they’re being burdened with immense responsibilities, talking helps in such cases.

Clarifying Self-identity And Self-worth

  • In the adolescent stage, people start looking for answers regarding their potential, strengths and where they fit in the society.
  • Often growing into simple roles in school like a leader in a group project helps them promote a positive self-identity.
  • Individuals who overwhelm themselves in defining goals and aspects need special guidance and attention.

Developing Self-sufficiency And Autonomy

  • Self-sufficiency and autonomy grows when at a certain age individuals start taking some decisions on their part themselves.
  • Autonomy gives them a sense of responsibility as well as confidence on being able to do things by themselves.
  • Parents should practice some form of autonomy from childhood that can help children grow into roles that come with certain decision-making aspects.

Establishing Education, Training And Employment Pathways

  • Education can go a long way in developing positive self-esteem.
  • The current education systems provide a wide range of flexibility and opportunities to make learning enjoyable.
  • High school graduates also have opportunities to work as apprentices in real time work environments.
  • Example: TAFE traineeships, which enable a young person to learn on the job and earn a small income

Establishing Personal Support Structures

  • In times of trauma and despair it is crucially important to talk to someone who can give proper support by listening.
  • In such scenarios, individuals usually incline towards their family or friends.
  • Support structures include financial, emotional, mental and sometimes physical support.

Determining Behavioural Boundaries

  • Boundaries often differ from community to community.
  • Generally they are a set of guidelines that comprehend what behaviour is acceptable and what behaviour is not.
  • Often it may be difficult to set boundaries for adolescents, as their lookout towards independence changes. Parents should carefully approach such situations and talk things out.