The Nature of Young People’s Lives

The Nature of Young People’s Lives

  • How the developmental stage can vary in motivations, values, sociocultural background
  • The influence of family/peers
  • The influence of prevailing youth cultures
  • The influence of global events and trends
  • The influence of technology

How The Developmental Stage Can Vary In Motivations, Values, Sociocultural Background

  • Children who are brought up in a caring family environment tend to have higher moral values and show less dispositions of anger and aggression when older.
  • Children who are unwantedly subject to domestic violence often engage in violent activities themselves when older.
  • Rehabilitation is necessary for those who’ve been exposed to threatening situations. A lifelong trauma could potentially cage their mental growth.
  • Children are often more motivated than adolescents since they do not have any concept of competition until a point and therefore, work tasks only for enjoyment.
  • Adolescents and older generations on the other hand are often traumatized due to uprising competitions in schools and job sectors.

The Influence Of Family/Peers

  • In shaping a child’s mind into what would be modelled in the future, family plays a crucial role.
  • Some families are supportive of their children and encourage them to perform till their limits. They do not impose unrealistic expectations which often come at a cost if met.
  • Some families are supportive as well but sometimes ignorant about mental health. Children often feel stressed due to not being able to meet everyone’s expectations.
  • All children should be brought up with as much love as possible. They should definitely be given the notion that there will be consequences for wrong doings but the lessons should be imparted in a friendly manner.

The Influence Of Prevailing Youth Cultures

  • Youth culture is the social norm among adolescents that often become their code of life.
  • Adolescents frequently get mesmerized by changing cultures and try to do their best to follow those norms.
  • Sometimes these cultures grow up in specific groups of people with a comparatively high social status. People failing to achieve those trends are often made fun of and mocked.
  • Parents should be aware of what their teens are up to, people who they are spending their time with and moral values they have. Often, youth culture has led to extensive use of narcotics by groups of teenagers which should not be a social norm.

The Influence Of Global Events And Trends

  • Adolescents and children living in war torn countries and those under the poverty line feel generally insecured.
  • Because of lack of education, they are frequently deprived of proper education, both practical and theoretical.
  • It takes a while for them to decide between the right and wrong because of the level of violence they see around themselves.

The Influence Of Technology

  • Technology has turned adolescents and in some cases, children as well towards a virtual world.
  • Adolescents and children are frequently found to be involved in video games and social media (adolescent and older), missing out on outdoor and indoor activities.
  • Because of an inclination towards technology, in some countries, the participation of children in sports and games is decreasing.