Skills in Attaining Better Health

Skills in Attaining Better Health

  • Building self concept
  • Developing connectedness and support networks
  • Developing resilience and coping skills
  • Developing health literacy skills
  • Developing communication skills
  • Accessing health services
  • Becoming involved in community service
  • Creating a sense of future

Building Self Concept

  • It should be accepted that not everything in a person has to be positive.
  • While positive characterizations of a person should be focused upon to make them dominant, negative characters should also be paid heed to in order to rectify any unacceptable thoughts.
  • Family and peers should boost self-esteem as much as possible.

Developing Connectedness And Support Networks

  • Support groups often help people to come out of trauma by sharing their experiences with like minded people.
  • If not always, an individual should keep in touch with peers and family who are supportive. Connections should not be severed completely as solitude can sometimes be depressing.

Developing Resilience And Coping Skills

  • Situations and environments will not always be in one’s favour. Line of thought and behaviour should be changed accordingly.
  • However, the adaptation to different situations should not be at the cost of one’s mental and physical well-being.

Developing Health Literacy Skills

  • Proper knowledge should be obtained about activities that can potentially put an individual at a health risk.
  • Practices for overall fitness should be started at a young age.

Developing Communication Skills

  • Your thoughts need to be conveyed to stakeholders sometimes, for which professional communication skills should be practiced.
  • Participating in talks as well as group discussions on creative topics can help an individual develop proper communication skills.

Accessing Health Services

  • Medical be seeked for as soon as an individual experiences situations and symptoms that aren’t normal.
  • Individuals having provocative thoughts that can harm themselves and others should seek medical help immediately and consult a psychologist.

Becoming Involved In Community Service

  • Getting involved in activities for social welfare often helps in building a sense of responsibility, empathy and positive self-esteem.
  • Engaging in work also helps keeping vile thoughts at bay.
  • Some community activities can include cleaning programs, tree plantation projects, working with volunteer educators etc.

Creating A Sense Of Future

  • An individual can set targets and goals within his capabilities and limits to work their way up to something.
  • However, goals shouldn’t be off limits and an individual should not feel pressurized upon not being able to achieve what they planned. There should always be another plan to fallback to.
  • An individual should always include activities in his checklist that excites them.