Actions Targeting Health Issues Relevant to Young People

Actions Targeting Health Issues Relevant to Young People

  • Social action
  • Legislation and public policy
  • Health promotion initiatives

Social Action

  • Implementation of programs related to youth health, both mental and physical.
  • Promoting support groups and discussion groups for free discussion on topics that are otherwise treated in the society as taboo in some communities.
  • Health services should be designed targeted for young people, intervention and development programs can also be launched.

Legislation and Public Policy

  • The Australian Government has implemented a number of policies for promoting and protecting the health of young Australians.
  • Examples include:
    • Age bans on alcohol and tobacco consumption
    • Age bans on sexual activity
    • Zero blood alcohol limits

Health Promotion Initiatives

  • Can be both government and private.
  • Should include a range of campaigns and awareness programs tackling a variety of small and big health implications.