Deconstructing Media Messages, Images and Amount of Coverage

Deconstructing Media Messages, Images and Amount of Coverage

  • Differences in coverage for different sports across various print and electronic media
  • The emergence of extreme sports as entertainment, eg big wave surfing

Differences in Coverage for Different Sports Across Various Print and Electronic Media

  • Sporting events that are not mainstream do not share as much spotlight as mainstream popular sporting events do. This affects marketing as well as revenue.
  • Often, male athletes get a wider coverage than female athletes, in spite of having the same spirit of sportsmanship ((93% males- 7% females in media coverage) (67% male, 47% females watch sport)).
  • Due to lack of media coverage, there is a social stigma that sporting events with male participants have more social values.

The Emergence of Extreme Sports as Entertainment

  • Extreme sports are often pursued by adventure loving cohorts.
  • Extreme sports haven’t stolen the spotlights of the media yet, however, sponsors are always on the lookout to make it to an issue.
  • Although extreme sports can get the adrenaline pumping, they are often severely risky for untrained individuals to perform.
  • Examples include: base-jumping, outdoor climbing, cliff diving.