Australian Sporting Identity

Australian Sporting Identity

  • National and regional identity through sporting achievements
  • Government funding, eg the Australian Institute of Sport
  • Politics and sports

National and Regional Identity Through Sporting Achievements

  • Victories and achievements in sporting events have gained Australia worldwide recognition.
  • A significant sporting success on national level was the America’s Cup yacht race in 1983.
  • Originating in Queensland, the Australian Rugby League was a notable regional sporting success.

Government Funding, e.g. The Australian Institute of Sport

  • The failure to win a gold medal in the 76 Olympics propelled the governments to invest more money in sports.
  • With the goal to improve and promote sports, the AIS was established in 1980.
  • Fundings still lack in grassroots sports, which can be minimized by holding events that people pay to watch. The fund can be used to train future generations of athletes.

Politics and Sports

  • Sometimes, sporting events become part of the political propaganda, e.g. boycott of South Africa 1970s to 1990s.
  • Often, politicians are credited for the success of national sporting teams.
  • Political bodies fund sporting events that are mainstream as a method to gain popularity.