What role do preventative actions play in enhancing the wellbeing of the athlete?

What Role Do Preventative Actions Play in Enhancing The Wellbeing Of The Athlete?

Students learn about:

Students learn to:

  • Analyse different sports in order to determine priority preventative strategies and how adequate preparation may prevent injuries
  • Critically analyse sports policies, rules and equipment to determine the degree to which they promote safe participation, eg heat rules, rugby union scrum rules
  • Evaluate strategies an athlete could employ to support the body’s temperature regulation mechanisms
  • Analyse the impact of climatic conditions on safe sports participation
  • Demonstrate taping and bandaging techniques, including taping the ankle, wrist and thumb
  • Evaluate the role taping plays in both the prevention and treatment of injury.


Extract from PDHPE Stage 6 Syllabus. © 2009 Board of Studies NSW.