Use of Technology

Use Of Technology

  • Training innovation, eg lactate threshold testing, biomechanical analysis
  • Equipment advances, eg swimsuits, golf ball

Training Innovation

  • Helps in monitoring fitness parameters and making important decisions regarding training routines for athletes.
  • The VO2 max test has been proven to be beneficial for endurance athletes as it monitors maximal oxygen consumption in L per Min per Kg of body weight, maximum heart rate, ventilation rate, and the efficiency of muscles and can also provide feedback on training effects.
  • The lactate inflection point of athletes can be determined by lactate threshold testing which helps athletes and trainers determine training zones as close as possible to the lactate inflection point.
  • Biomechanical analysis helps assess each movement the athletes make to allow feedback on perfection, improvements and identify risks of injury.

Equipment Advances

  • Clothing equipments are now being made with lighter and comfortable fabric. For example, swim suits have changed to whole body suits that also offer structural support.
  • Protective gears such as cricket pads and helmets are also being made with materials that protect as well as provide comfort and opportunities for mobility.
  • Some advances in equipments include:
    • Larger and lighter cricket balls
    • Synthetic balls (rugby, football)
    • Dimpled and lighter golf balls
    • Perspex backboards for basketball
    • Perspex masks for ice-hockey