Aerobic Training

Aerobic Training

  • Continuous/uniform
  • Fartlek
  • Long interval


  • Continuous training
    • Ongoing, sustained physical effort, without any rest. The activity must exceed the threshold of 20 minutes to classify as continuous.
    • Includes long slow distance training where individuals work between 60-80% of their maximal heart rate. The focus is distance oriented.
    • Also includes high intensity work of moderate duration, which is generally pursued by athletes. This is more intense (80-90% of maximal heart rate).
    • Examples: jogging, cycling, aerobics.


  • A single physical activity, but with random variations and speed.
  • Engages both anaerobic and aerobic energy systems.
  • Ideal for athletes who participate in team sports, since they are required to sprint, jog, change direction and accelerate.
  • Example: Training session for soccer games

Long Interval

  • Training sessions involve alternating intense workout and recovery for specific time periods.
  • Recovery/rest periods are not prolonged and do not allow complete recovery, therefore maintains stress for aerobic systems.
  • Example: Walk half a lap – rest – repeat.