Strength Training

Strength Training

  • Resistance training, eg elastic, hydraulic
  • Weight training, eg plates, dumbbells
  • Isometric training

Resistance Training

  • Elastic
    • Resistance based training technique where an elastic band is used to provide resistance.
    • Cheap alternative for weight training.
    • Tension is induced in both upward and downward movement phases.
    • Requires a stable posture to engage core muscles and increase both posture and core strength.
    • Low impact training and often used as the initial point for further strength training routines.
    • The resistance use is somewhat limited however, and exact force exerted is difficult to measure.
  • Hydraulics
    • Uses machines that provide artificial resistance following the principles of fluid dynamics.
    • Less risks involved as the resistance is personalized according to the user; but inefficient as they do not engage stabilizer muscles.
    • Not cost friendly and the machines take up a lot of space.
    • No improvement of ligament, tendon and muscle fibre strength is involved.

Weight Training

  • One of the most convenient and popular forms of strength training.
  • Routines are carried out using sophisticated gym equipment including: weight plates, dumbbells, and barbells.
  • Efficient for developing muscular endurance (high number of repetitions with small rest periods).
  • Weight training also helps in developing hypertrophy. According to research, the ideal routine to increase muscle size is: 2-4 sets of 12-15 RM with 2-3 min rests between sets.
  • For developing muscle strength, weight training is conducted with low repeat numbers and high resting intervals.

Isometric Training

  • Force is exerted by the muscles without subsequent change in muscle length.
  • Similar to PNF and isometric stretching where the stretch position is held through relaxations and contractions but there is no change in muscle length.
  • Effective in sports that require higher strength in muscles with lower movements, for example, martial arts, gymnastics etc.