Initial Planning Considerations

Initial Planning Considerations

  • Performance and fitness needs (individual, team)
  • Schedule of events/competitions
  • Climate and season

Performance and Fitness Needs (individual, team)

  • Team
    • Requires analysation of both fitness and skill indicators.
    • Fitness indicators include:
      • Cardiovascular endurance
      • Power
      • Muscular endurance
      • Coordination
    • Skill indicators include:
      • Ability to tackle
      • Accuracy of passes and kicks
      • Communication
    • Individual
      • Individual performance and fitness vary across the team as each athlete has their own fitness goals along with injuries to deal with for a season.
      • Individual skills and fitness also affects planning. For example, a football player playing in an attack position needs to be an accurate shooter, agile and have coordinated movements.

Schedule of Events/Competitions

  • Schedules assist in carefully laying out all necessary training programs and routines required to gain a complete preparation before the season.
  • Major events and competitions should be prioritized first.
  • Training that helps athletes be at the maximum level of their performance should be scheduled prior to major events.
  • Post event training routines should also be carefully planned out.

Climate and Season

  • Some sports take place during the winter (football) while many are considered as summer sports (cricket).
  • Climatic determinants, such as temperature, humidity can affect an athlete’s performance so it is important to plan training sessions accordingly.
  • Athletes should be exposed to plenty of acclimatisation training sets for maximum tolerance.