Human Resources

Human Resources

An effective, efficient business is often the direct result of sound hiring practices, as well as ensuring your people remain happy.

Contextual Outline - Students learn to:

Examine contemporary business issues to:

  • discuss the balance between cost and quality in operations strategy
  • examine the impact of globalisation on operations strategy
  • identify the breadth of government policies that affect operations management
  • explain why corporate social responsibility is a key concern in operations management.

Investigate aspects of business using hypothetical situations and actual business case studies to:

  • describe the features of operations management for businesses in a tertiary industry
  • assess the relationship between operations and the other key business functions in two actual businesses
  • explain how operations strategy can help a business sustain its competitive advantage
  • recommend possible operations strategies for one hypothetical business.


Extract from Business Studies Stage 6 Syllabus. © 2010 Board of Studies NSW.