Induction program

  • Introduces new or existing employee to new position and helps them adapt to the new environment
  • Helps establish relationships with colleagues and familiarise with initial job skills but the business culture
  • Explains company policy and procedures
  • Effective induction builds job confidence, can increase efficiency and productivity.


  • Upgrading an employee’s skills, knowledge and competency levels in order to better meet the needs of the business.
  • May be in-house e.g. apprenticeship, mentoring) or external (e.g. TAFE, conferences)
  • Involves:
    • Needs analysis (of the individual, job and business)
    • Setting objectives for the training program.
    • Consider internal and external influences such as research and resources available
    • Determine the process eg content/learning methods/location
    • Evaluate the training program (e.g. through tests and surveys during and after training, observation)

Organizational development

  • HR managers need to use strategies to help motivate and retain talented staff.
  • Strategies can include:
    • Job enlargement = increasing breadth of tasks in a job
    • Job rotation = moving staff from one task to another over a 
period of time
    • Job sharing
  • Preparing employees for future responsibilities within the organisation due to a change in the business’s strategies or a growth in its size or market share. It requires evaluation of training activities in order to measure their effect on staff performance.

Mentoring and coaching

  • Mentoring is a mutually agreed role where experienced staff transfer knowledge and skills through succession planning and building a personal relationship
  • Coaching focuses on improving skills, performance & helping individuals manage specific work roles more effectively.
  • Used to motivate and develop staff with leadership potential.

Performance appraisal

  • Formal assessments of how well a person is working and would provide a basis for such matters as future training needs, pay rises, promotions and possible further development.
  • Provides a basis for feedback, future training needs, pay rises, promotions and monitoring employee selection.

Extract from Business Studies Stage 6 Syllabus. © 2010 Board of Studies NSW.