• Inputs
    • Transformed resources (materials, information, customers)
    • Transforming resources (human resources, facilities)

Transformed resources: resources that will be changed into finished products by operations processes. For example labour, energy, machinery, technology, materials, information. Transformation adds greater value to these resources.

Materials: Raw materials are transformed by manufacturing processes as well as materials which may have undergone some processing already.

Information: it is a transformed resource when it is used to inform how inputs are used, where they are drawn from, which suppliers and supplies are available.

Customers: Production process is usually not complete until the customer has been transformed. It is the customer’s needs that drive the operations.

Customer relationship management (CRM): the ways that businesses maintain customer contact.

Transforming resources: The inputs (resources) that cause the transformation process.

  • Human Resources: the people (employees) who will be the key to the transformation process.
  • Facilities: the buildings, plant, equipment and fittings that are essential to the business achieving its core function; producing its output.

Extract from Business Studies Stage 6 Syllabus. © 2010 Board of Studies NSW.