Positive Impacts of Technology on Human Resources:

  • Allows the business to develop more efficient production techniques
  • Employees can be upskilled in the use of new workplace technologies
  • Encourages the employee to deliver the product/service in new and improved ways
  • Fosters a process of continued learning within an organisation
  • Reduces the repetitive nature of labour intensive work
  • Fosters teamwork through the process of learning
  • Used in aspects of HR such as recording employee actions, payroll, recruitment and job applications. Staff also have ability to work away from the office.

Negative impacts of technology on Human Resources:

  • Loss of employment as technology itself becomes the main tool of production
  • Employee resistance to change as the workforce becomes reluctant to learning the use of new technologies
  • Reduced employee morale as the workforce feels their positions are less valued due to the growing importance of technology
  • Increased need for new training programs


Extract from Business Studies Stage 6 Syllabus. © 2010 Board of Studies NSW.